Pack & Dip

So, as I wrote in my second to last blog, this semester is my final semester at MUM. Therefore, this coming block in May will be my final block.

But you know what? Instead of feeling nostalgic, weary, or anxious, I’m actually really happy.

Not because I didn’t appreciate my time here. Goddess knows I’ve grown so much. But because I’ve grown so much, I can earnestly say that I can perceive my past, present, and future with wizened and loving eyes all around.

And so I pack. And come across papers I wrote years ago. And I marvel at the passion behind my ambiguous and searching words that were, nevertheless, elegantly formed. And I relish in my artwork, whose aggressive strokes and cliché themes reveal even more clearly the undercurrents of that period in my life. And I feel my being smile as I read my poetry, look over my doodles, and think about answers that I have now, for the questions I had then.

And a desire to share bubbled,

And below lies it’s expression.


Here’s a poem I wrote in March of 2010, reflecting on my base camp experience at MUM with an associative MVS (Maharishi Vedic Science) point.

“Rest and Activity are the steps of Progress”

Rest and Activity

Progressively so,

First run then skip

Then transition to slow.

Down spirals of action

Into calm place connect.

Correct, reflect, re-set

& as one we get



& here’s a line from a poem I wrote from another class that year:

“Are we the winners?

Yes, We Are One.”


& finally, in February of 2010 I was given the assignment in my first course at MUM to write four big questions regarding my life.  They were supposed to be questions that I didn’t have answers for but hoped to gain insight into while attending MUM. I distinctly remember willing myself to be as general as possible with my words (having a tendency at the time to specify everything in regard to the present movement I was apart of.) I look at these questions with deep warmth, especially as I perceive the answers I have gained. Below is that past/present dialogue:

1. How can I inspire people to become active in the evolution of social humanity?

By emanating and culturing my own evolution through meticulously expressed metaphors of the harmonic wholeness of all of existence.

2. What is the best way for me to help bring about a sustainable world?

The world doesn’t need to be made sustainable, the world is the source of sustainability. It is our relationship with the world that needs transformation.

Our relationship with the world is presently unsustainable because it is based out of perceived scarcity.

However, while semantically the opposite of scarcity is abundance, an abundant relationship with the world is not a sustainable one.  Both abundance and scarcity are projections that we make upon the world, and either one will only further our delusion of separation and control, which is, as reflected by our present society, at its core unsustainable.

An effective story to create a sustainable relationship with the world is a story that honors the deep wisdom of and guidance from nature/the world/the universe. Seeing all as one organism, a celestial symphony within which we are an endlessly fluctuating chord, we will intend to and culturally support bringing our awareness to the ever present harmonic wholeness that pervades all of existence.

The best way for me to bring about a sustainable world is to, not project that the world needs me to make it sustainable, but to bring my awareness (through intention and culturing) to the ever present guidance from the world as an aspect of the world, to participate in this Journey of All Beings integrative and beyond my most nourishing dreams.

3. What form of expression works best with my personality?

My personality is fluid. I shall express my truth in spiralic authenticity.

4. Which Rest/Activity combination works best with my physiology?

My physiology is fluid and integrative of more bodies then my mind’s eye perceives presently. I shall let the harmony of the universe guide my actions and rest.


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